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Pierre, who grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, started baking in college. He attributes this to missing his mom's apple pies and pound cake. Whenever he had a craving for something warm and sweet, which was often, and not finding anything comparable in his college town of Greensboro, he felt he had no choice but to learn how to make his mother's delectable treats himself!


Monica,  who grew up in Minnesota with parents who truly appreciate quality baked goods, has always enjoyed cooking and baking. Apple pie was present in her childhood memories as well, specifically her Grandma Sylvia's famous recipe, of which, Monica's true enjoyment was the crust. In her house, it was usually cookies, brownies, or white cake. When Monica was little, she used to insist on roleplaying both chef and waitress for her family. Her specialty in those early years was Shrimp Scampi, and she would dress up and serve her guests in the dining room. As she got older, she got more and more in to decoration and presentation, always hoping to impress whomever she was hosting or gifting goodies.


Fast forward many years... It was serendipitous that we should both decide to move to NYC on somewhat of whim and less than a year apart. Outside of both of our expected career paths, we both ended up at the same little non-profit office in Manhattan. We started a lunch cohort at the office, challenging each other and others to make more plant-based and health-focused lunches to encourage each other to save money and eat better. Catering to a group member who was dairy and gluten free, we started exploring cooking and baking options with which we weren't previously familiar. 

Once we became good friends, we quickly started spending most of our free time outside of the office together, exploring the city predominantly through food. Friendship quickly grew into something more, and it was time for us to stop spending so much money eating our way through NYC, but we couldn't just quit our foodie habits! We decided to start trying to cook some of our favorite dishes we'd had around the city instead of going out to eat them... and of course we started with desserts! Rudimentary baking lead to more creative decorating and flavor concepts.

The more we baked, the more we had to share! We simply couldn't eat as much as we were baking. People around the office started hinting that they liked certain kinds of pies or requesting we try making certain dishes. We even had a carrot cake bake off with a couple co-workers. One person challenged us to bake a Pavlova, which we had never even heard of! 

Along came COVID, and we were eventually left with no choice but to leave our beloved city and head south to start anew together. We brought along our dog, our plants, our baking tools, and our KitchenAid, and the rest, as they say, is tHeIrSTORY...

Pierre, Monica, and Kobe
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